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We are the catechism family of Our Lady Of The Rosary Catholic Church, Doha, Qatar


We are moral and religious teachers, or better still, catechists of all ages and nationalities. we echo our lord Jesus Christ to god’s children of all ages and nationalities by a scholastic method of oral instruction, simply known as catechesis. we catechize very closely with other teachers – parents and family – the domestic catechists, as our blessed mother and saint joseph were, with the child Jesus; and with the priests and religious, the ecclesiastical catechists, and together we make a united Christian family.

Our principal teacher and role model is our lord Jesus Christ, who at the age of 12, and after three days of searching for him by our blessed mother and saint joseph, was found in the temple, “going about his father’s business” – sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them, and asking them questions. “and all that heard him were astonished at his wisdom and his answers” Luke 2:46, 47. during his public ministry, our lord frequently made use of the catechetical method to impart instruction: “what think they of Christ? whose son is he?” “whom do men say that the son of man is? whom do you say that I am?” in his final charge to his apostles, Jesus said: “teach (instruct) and “make disciples or scholars” of all nations … teaching (instructing) them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” Matthew 28:19, and to “initiate them (catechumens) into the universal church, “baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.”

We know and believe, as catechists, that Jesus is our royal king, prophet, and high priest. Some of us have been around more than 20 years, and others are relatively new to the challenges of catechesis or catechism. yet with one voice, and in unity with the angels and saints, and through the intercession of our blessed mother, we are confident that we can face each year in faith and truth, in hope and love, as we strive to bring God’s children closer to our lord Jesus Christ and our blessed lady.

Issues, challenges, perseverance

we began the 2008 – 2009 catechism year in our new parish, in the new (and more) classrooms in the bishop gremoli building; we now have our own chapel for masses and other religious activities, the alverna chapel, also located within the bishop gremoli building. we introduced catechism for parents while they waited for their sons and daughters, and we expanded on the adult class for confirmation catechumens, conducted seminars, reflections, retreats, bible studies for the youth groups, overnight camping by the Arabic group, and summer camp for the catechumens, among others.

There are always opportunities for our own (catechists) spiritual growth and development – the annual Christian formation conference in January (each year); leadership training; just-for-kids’ sessions in jebel ali; participation in the vicariate’s Pauline seminar, held in Doha, just to mention a few with optimism and perseverance, we have introduced yet a new syllabus entitled: we believe.

Join Us … If you are a catechist out there or have the will and/or the desire to become one … And for the compliments bit … Joining our minds, Hearts, Hands and Souls, And as one body in our Lord Jesus Christ, We pray for all catechists, The children entrusted to our care, And our spiritual leaders and directors. We love you, Lord Jesus. We love You, Mother Mary. Please save souls.

Dear Parents, Enroll Your Child Or Children If you have not done so. Drop by the catechism office in the Bishop Gremoli Building, or you may contact Rev. Fr. Xavier Marian D'souza OFM Cap .Mob # +974 66761393 .

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Arabic Community: Thursday 06:00 Pm To 08:00 Pm

The International Group: Friday 10:00 Am To 12:15 Pm And Saturday: 09:00 Am To 11:15 Am

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